The sanyal Family photo albums
First, some hints for newbies
  • There are a few photo albums. Each album is described below. When you view one of the albums, you might see chapters in each album, and thumbnail pictures of all the photographs in the album. Depending on the speed of your connection, you have three choices to see the full-sized photographs:
    • On a really fast connection, you can click the "See all in bigger size" link at the album level. This will download all the pictures in that album and show them all.
    • On a slower connection, you can click the "See all in bigger size" link for each chapter. This will only show you all the photographs in that chapter.
    • On a really slow connection, you can click on each thumbnail and the particular photograph will be shown in your browser.
    Go on, experiment. See which one suits your connection the best. But remember, once you have visited (and cached) some of the photographs, it becomes easier to use the "See all..." feature.
  • When you are looking at an individual photograph, the photograph typically has a caption --- sometimes witty, sometimes in rhyme but usually something about what it is and where it was taken. When you are looking at multiple photographs (either thumbnails or on a "see all..." page) if you move your mouse over the picture, it will show the caption in a little box afloat on the photograph.
And now, for the good stuff...
You WILL need a password to see the albums marked with a If you mouseover the lock icon, you get a hint on what the password could be.
  • A hint for the password is available if you mouseover the lock; each passworded area has a different password and, hence, a hint.
  • If you have a password: welcome, swagatam.
  • If you don't have a password it means that we don't want you in here. So scat, shoo, go away.