Februaury 9, 1999

I visited IIM-Cal yesterday (first time since 1980: can you guys feel the waves of nostalgia coming at you from the screen?).
I met Bagchi (my favourite teacher) and we talked about boring stuff like IIM's new 2 year course which is called (I think) PGDCM and runs parallel to the PGDM we did. PGDCM is also a 2 year management program like the PGDM, the additional C in it stands for Computer (dont ask me what this means in practice). Bagchi did mention Atti's dropping in out of the blue and meeting him.
The campus looks completely different. Many new buildings. It's unrecognisable. I actually had to have one of Bagchi's students (male student unfortunately) guide me to reach the hostel from the computer centre. The place is much prettier than when we were there. Lots of trees, lawns, flowers. The student told me it always looks its best just before the placement season in order to impress the companies who come for placement (and placement season is just around the corner).
There is also a school inside the campus (Kendriya Vidyalaya) because one of the reasons that people didnt want to come to IIMC to teach was that there was no school for their children.
The lakes are still there and you can still take that walk around the campus across the small bridge and round the lakes. But no boats. Apparently someone died while boating a few years ago and boats have been banned since.
Our hostel looks pretty much the same. The room which where we played TT, carrom and listened to music has been partitioned. There is one room only for TT, one for TV watching (horrors) and one is a computer junkyard where students play computer games on old 386 and 486 machines. The whole of H1 is for girls now but don't hold your breath because there are many more hostels (all male) so the ratio is still probably as bad as it was for us (sorry Rekha). I did of course take a close look at all the girls I could see without being too obvious. (Can you imagine a 40+ year old guy taking a close look at 20 year-old girls and trying not to look obvious?). Well they still look pretty.
There are two new buildings that are used for teaching Human Values. Architecturally, they are different and look nice. The dedication on these buildings is to Tagore, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi and Sri Aurobindo so it does sound different. Apparently this was started by S.K. Chakraborty (who taught us finance and has now switched over to Human Values).
There is one building where the builder realised half way through that the building was facing the wrong way round. So you will see some pillars here that will never be completed because it doesn't make sense to put the entrance at the back!
I had tea with Bagchi in a canteen which is inside the campus. When I went out, I tried to look for the dhaba where we used to go for tea. It's still there I think (I saw a sign which said Dey's Hotel) but I couldnt see the benches where we used to sit in the open air. Of course, I didn't have to guts to ask anyone whether Kishanda is still around!
Outside there is a lot more activity. There is some sort of major bus terminus close by so there are lots of buses parked just outside the campus. Also, a tram line has been constructed right up to the campus.
I met Asoke Basu (who was in charge of our placement) though we didn't recognise each other. I also met the Director (Dr. Amitava Bose), who taught us something, either history or economics.
Everyone is happy when an old student gets in touch so I'm giving you their e-mail ids: bagchi@iimcal.ac.in and director@iimcal.ac.in. (You can always write and tell them boring stuff like what you are doing and how to join the alumni group). There is also a website at www.iimcal.ac.in. The interesting thing about the website is that it has the alumni information (much of it probably hopelessly outdated) so you can just go in and update your stuff. Also, it may help you to get in touch with some old friends.