This is a general letter sent out to all IIMC alumni residing in North America. I am Sunil Hazaray and belong to PGP 12th Batch. 
I was quite impressed with the number of alumni being added on the IIMC web site and more so the number of us who reside in North America. I am sure you are aware that India celebrates its 50th year of Independence in 1997. In order to celebrate this occasion, the Indian High Commision in Toronto has planned a series of activities (termed as "Garland of events")
In discussion with a few alumni, it was felt that it would be a great idea to have a North American alumni meeting in Toronto in the summer of 97 after 15th August to coincide with the Garland of Events.
The objectives, to get the ball rolling, could be to
  1. Network with IIMC alumni.

  2. Initiate 3-4 discussion groups (preferably to be continued on the Net) on key management topics such as
  3. Use our collective resources and help our Alma Mater.

  4. Revert to our old ways and Group Discuss.

Venue: Toronto is a really nice place for a July/August weekend. I can get an organization to arrange hotels and so on. However any other venue may also be considered. (The present exchange rate will take the US dollar further in Canada!)
Please give me your feedback and if you are willing to share in organising this event.
I know I can count on your ideas-filled brains to add to what I have initiated and make it an exciting meeting.
Sunil Hazaray