Access Shield Preface

The Web is a convenient space for publication of our address data. However, as honest net.citizens, we must admit that it is not a great place for placing confidential data.

Although address information is not "I'll have to kill you after I tell you" grade Top Secret, some amount of confidentiality must be preserved. After all, if the amount of junk mail we get every day is any indication, it seems like too many folk know of us already ...

For now, to keep it simple, I have restricted access to the address page to those of us who know a secret code word. And that code word, for the time being, is the number of the bus that used to (and still does, I hope) take us to the gate of the Joka campus.

When you try to access the address list page, you will be asked to provide usercode and password. Dono ek hi hain! (Those of you who have forgotten your Hindi, you must know somebody who hasn't, don't you?)

If I have been totally obtuse and too oblique, or there is no way for you to be remember the all-too-important bus number, send me email and tell me the following three things that only an IIM-Calumnus would be expected to know:

  • The year when the first batch joined IIMC
  • How many lakes are there on Joka campus
  • The nearest tram stop to IIMC campus.

    Isn't this cloak and dagger stuff fun?

    Oh, by the way, the next time you visit and want to avoid coming here to read all this verbosity, you can go directly to the IIM-Calumni addresses by clicking on the last two letters of the phrase. In other words, clicking on "IIM-Calumni address" brings you here. "es" asks for your password and directly takes you to the protected IIM-Calumni addresses.

    Warning: These addresses are seriously out of date