IIT Kanpur, Batch of 1973
(Graduating 1978)
Why do we call ourselves the "Batch of 1973" rather than the "Graduating batch of 1978?" Well, primarily because IITK gave us 73xxx identities and it is too much work to think of ourselves as IITK-78ers. Those who remember your roll number, raise your hand.

But this Web space is actually about the "Batch of 1973 or so", in that we include some of us who didn't join in 1973, but graduated in 1978 and so became one of us -- the enlightened few. (And far between). We really mean "Batch of either 1973 or 1978 or somebody we know", but that is a bit of a mouthful.

We were in IIT Kanpur in the good old days. When there was no WALL, and tuition was paid in three digits.

When we joined, there was no swimming pool on campus and so, unfazed, we swam in that dirty muddy slimy invigorating exhilarating yucky canal with the backdrop of Panki power station.

We were probably the only batch in the history of all IITs everywhere, ever, to not have a single female join with us!
Okay, maybe it wasn't entirely the good old days, then. Or maybe girls aren't so dumb after all... (Yo! Spouses!! Cool it. We're talkin goils here, not wimmin.)

We were there when the swimming pool was put in (strategically near the Health Center). We were also there when all intercollegiate swimming records set there were wiped because the damn thing was an inch-and-a-half short of 50 meters.

We were in Kanpur when students rebelled against the establishment and forced out two of the most senior officals of the institute and invented a word -- haDAich -- and then forgot what it meant.

Ours was a batch when the two students with the best results each had but one B grade!! Out of -- what was it? -- 50 billion courses? Ours was also the batch when a bunch of some twenty guys all voluntarily flunked Math 203 because 204 would be easy to max in summer!

During our stay, IITK averaged one death per term.

Perhaps because they could look into the future, Sita Travels opened an office on campus around 1978 and hordes of us took advantage of the convenience and left for firang lands. Others of us who didn't, scattered around the Matri Bhumi.

Around the turn of the century, the time came for reminiscences and a get-together. A bunch of us from around the world conjoined for a 25-year reunion at the ole Kalyanpur campus in early January 2003 - and the campus was rocked by a cabal of 73-78 IITK engineers and scientists who coalesced for a rolicking and perhaps bittersweet romp down memory lane. The collation and collection of information and outreach for that was enabled by the information on these pages.

On this site, but a click away, is a storehouse of electronic information to make us feel like a community even though we are so scattered to the seven winds. We have a host of information about the whereabouts of many of us. But the current-ness of the information is mighty suspect.

The world is smaller, everybody travels more and, there is a crying need for information about where your friends are and how to reach them. However, that directory is only as good as the recency of the information that you provide about yourself! We also don't have addresses of many who have not been reached by the rest of us. So, please, allow me to cajole, coax, wheedle and exhort you to send me information about yourself that will help all of us know your current state of existence --- tell us your whereabouts and telephone number, who make up your immediate family.

We are password-protecting the following pages so as to avoid two things:

  1. these pages of address details being spidered and
  2. strangers finding out about us and emailing us
So come into the protected part of this site right now and begin to recognize names from eons ago... and remake forgotten acquaintances (albeit electronically only today -- in a few years, perhaps by videophonemail??)

In closing, I would like us to remember that through these many years, while some of us have been living our lives in our own castles, some of the rest of us have worked ceaselessly to keep going a sense of IITKommunity through personal impetus and tireless effort. I merely continue that noble tradition of networking... and would like to recruit YOU to do your part...
        I would like to thank Rakesh Pandey who has maintained an Address List since (when?) 1982. Much of the burden of information gathering and publicity had rested on the shoulders of Tarun Desai and Avinash Agrawal. Since about 1990, the dissemination of the address list has been achieved through these web pages which are being maintained by me, Atish Sanyal, 73024.

Email me, write to me or call me on the phone. Please!
And, glory be!, if you have any contributions to make to these pages, they will be gratefully received. I would love to receive your IITK reminiscences -- either as emailed text or in html. If you have any photographs of IITK, do let me know. And, of course, if you have some criticisms about these pages, give me a holler.
Thanks, yaar!
And because every page must take a week or two to load, here's my obligatory network-hogging, but certainly nostalgia-generating picture which I stole off the IIT Kanpur web page: