Statutory Warning: This page is high in Graphic content. If you are doing this over a slow line, you might want to bail out now. Or, if you can wait, feel free to put another cassette into the stereo, feed the cat and solve the eight queens problem... Do note that this page was last updated in Nov, 1999!!
This first picture is the first sub-Sanyal ever born. Aprotim, born in 1983. Has been planning for his teenage years for about 12 years now and is now graduating to worrying about what colour car he's going to take to college. Beige, Apro. You get the Volvo.

The second bloke is Anupam, who has been gracing the world since 1987. Has an artistic bent (no pun!) of mind. Like his Dada, he has a great voice and wants to follow in his hero's piano-playing and guitar-strumming footsteps (fingersteps?).

The next few pics are the pretty ones. (Yes, that does mean the other pictures aren't pretty! Of course, they aren't. Those boys are handsome, not pretty.)

First, there are two of Mohima, the sanyal of 1991 vintage. Why two? The youngest deserves something extra, no? She has to deal with four older overbears, doesn't she? And our Mohima deals with it well; in fact, better than well. Sar pe chaDi rehtI hai, sabkI. Everybody loves her, the adorable one. And they'd better or else she will make kachumra out of them!
And then, of course, there is Meena. The photograph doesn't do her justice. But that's the only scanned one we have.

Atish hasn't been on that end of a camera since the last one committed suicide by busting its lens in a fit of pique at having to take his ugly pictures...